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Monday, April 23, 2012

life lately.

Funny Sports Ecard: Let's workout really hard, then rehydrate with margaritas!

Life has been mostly non-blog worthy these days. 
Matt and I have been busy doing regular adult things (which means helping out family and doing lots of work). I haven't taken a picture on my camera since Easter (which for me is odd).  

A few of the going ons:
~My older brother went to Japan to compete in the Strongman race, read about his trip over here
~I have seen my younger brother 3 weekends in a row (and that is fantastic and abnormal). It has been lovely spending time with him
~We have been watching a lot of hockey (GO SENS!)
~Saw my mom on the weekend, it's always nice to go home...even if a lot of housework was involved. In the cheesiest way possible, I love my mom, she is a fantastic lady! 
~Friends of Matt's got engaged this weekend - it is VERY exciting :)
~The weatherman is calling for snow today...which I am not surprised about, but am hoping the spring-weather will become a little more consistent. The temperature has been fluctuating way too  much for my liking. Anything above +10 (consistently) would be great, please and thank you.
~I have been running and have FINALLY made it passed my mental block of only being able to run for 20-30 minutes. I am not running fast, but I am running consistently and for longer than ever, so that is success in my books. Oh - and I am (almost) always enjoying it and not just forcing myself to do it.

Maybe I will have more fun pictures to share after I head to the cottage for a relaxing/working weekend with my BFF. 



  1. you guys have been busy! sounds like fun :) - haven't seen the crew in a while. & yeyeyeyye for paul and christy, so stoked.

    hope all is well with you guys!

    ps : congrats on your running, you go girl!

    1. Thanks Julie!
      Things are busy, but good busy.
      Now, if the weather would just cooperate... ;)