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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


do more. be more. love more. make more.

Is it normal for us humans, to always strive for more?
I struggle between wanting more and being satisfied with what I have.
It's a never-ending struggle. Sometimes I feel like everything I have is enough. 
And other times I feel nothing is enough. 

Having enough.
I have a great apartment, in a fun city, with a great man and energetic dog. I have a superb family that I love dearly (and loves me) {and yes...i said superb!}, we are all healthy, strong, contributing members of society. I live a comfortable life where there is food on my table, blankets on my bed and clothes in my closet. I can be proud of what I have accomplished. 

Never enough.
But often I think there should be more to this life. We should do more outside, listen to more music, read more, enjoy the city more, see people we love more, make more take time for ourselves, workout more,  

What does it take to believe what you have is enough? 
What if enough, really isn't enough and you should strive for more?

Most of the time I think I want to live the simple life. 
But my mind seems to make things more complicated. 
Which leads to wanting MORE.

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