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Friday, March 9, 2012

random nothings...

kiss kiss!

It's the weekend! WOOP!

Today I had the day off and went to my friend Jenny's to take 3 month 
pictures of her wee babe Gwen. She is growing like a weed!
We had a lovely day walking around their neighborhood, 
through snow squalls and gorgeous sunshine. 
{The weather was SO bizarre today!}

Tonight I am opting out of going out to see a friends band, 
for some couch time and a movie. 
The introvert in my is very happy about this down time.

Tomorrow, Matty and I are headed to visit some friends of mine from high school. 
They have a great place on the lake up north. 
I am looking forward to seeing where they live, 
and catching up with some very old (in years, not age) friends. 
We'll be 6 adults, 4 kids and 4 dogs. 
It's going to be busy and FUN! 
Hopefully the weather cooperates and we are able to have a bon fire. 

Alright, movie time!
Enjoy your weekend :) 

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